I have a painting up on Auction on the Paddle 8 site part of ARTCETERA 2018 to raise funds for AIDS Awareness.

The good people of Boston Voyager Magazine have an interview with me up now HERE

Nick Zaremba’s ‘no rules, no expectations, just create’ type of style makes him one of the most versatile artists around. From fine art to commercial murals and product design, Zaremba allows his imagination to roam freely, inspired by the world and colors around him. His style draws from his time studying graffiti from all over – mainly tags, line work, and bubble letters. In his most recent painting, Zaremba’s love for classic cartoons and animations from the ’50s onward to the ’90s, along with old signage graphics from children’s toys, and the diverse works and styles of Picasso shine through and manifest on his canvases in a unique and intriguing style

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